With winter just around the corner, you wouldn’t want almost anything to jeopardize what you can do to keep a warm and comfortable home. Naturally, you think that your heater will work just like wonderfully because it did last year. But actually, you most likely haven’t even turned it on once during the hot summertime, and thus, how do you know if it’s in working order?

Furnace Not Working

In order to find out in case your furnace is in working order, check the following:

Is the power switch switched on? This may seem obvious to most, but sometimes it can be switched off without knowing and cause quit an anxiety! If your thermostat won’t display the right information, or flashes a repeating message than just replace the batteries.
Is the blower compartment door properly aligned and secure? Otherwise, this could keep the heat from reaching far away rooms in your home.
Are there any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers? This can be easily fixed having a specialist so make sure to call if this is the case.
Is your thermostat set to the “HEAT” position? Note: your furnace won’t heat your house faster should you set the temperature to the highest point possible. Keep it set at a reasonable temperature.
Is the filter clean? If not, fix it immediately! Filters ought to be cleaned once a month in order to prevent low air circulation and other problems!

Common Problems for Furnaces

Furnaces need frequent maintenance to be able to work to their fullest capacity. If you have not washed filters, or checked for loose ductwork then your energy bills could actually increase this winter. This is because your furnace won’t be able to warm your house as efficiently than if all of the parts were in working order and cleaned. Also, in case your furnace smells funny when you switch on your heating system it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dirty. It could be something more serious like an oil leak or combustion problem.